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I love everything about Thailand, especially the food and the shopping. I am interested in looking for some long lost childhood friends in Narathiwat, especially the Sungai Golok area. How can I get information about theses people such as their addresse,place of origin, age, marital status, jobs.I am reallt keen on finding these people from my childhood days. Can you please help me me by telling me where I can get this information from. Thank you very much. Please reply to my e-mail address as follows:
Rachel/Teddygal Gordmonds <>
Kuala Krai, Kelantan West Malaysia - Mon Mar 2 09:49:25 EST 1998

Hi: I'm really surprise to see a picture of my hometown... it looks so much different..I have no idea where it is ... but I left there when I was 13, so not much memory there. Laotian guy from Housai
CT man <>
- Tue Mar 3 00:37:37 EST 1998

Super Seite !!! Weiter so !!! Werde in der Zukunft öfter mal reinschauen. Bis dann MfG. Ralf Stegmann
Ralf Stegmann <>
Detmold, Germany - Tue Mar 3 18:10:46 EST 1998

I am going to be visiting Thailand in June and would like to know of churche in Chiang Mai. Especially non-denominational or charismatic. Thank you.
Linda Zorn <nhzorn@InfoAve.Net>
The Zorns - Wed Mar 4 00:29:46 EST 1998

Thank you, for the nice photos of Laos! Best regards from a frind in Sweden. Eva c Johnsson
Eva Johnsson <>
datorteket Sweden - Wed Mar 4 11:24:50 EST 1998

Thanks for information about Laos. I`m waiting for the page abot Luang Prabang and Vientiane. Good photos !
ulrich Peghini <>
Freiburg, Germany - Wed Mar 4 11:39:38 EST 1998

Hi. My name is kao and I'm from cottonwood. I know that us Mien people have two .........
Cottonwood - Thu Mar 5 23:35:11 EST 1998

Restaurants Phuket: Das Boathouse Inn Restaurant am Kata-Beach serviert exellente Gerichte. Wer stilvoll(nach vorherieger Reservierung) speisen möchte, sollte es nicht versäumen, dort vorbeizuschauen.
Boathouse Inn Restaurant <>
Thailand - Sat Mar 7 02:54:38 EST 1998

hello thailand online!
i like to get litlebit information to make busines and to stay long time in thailand. questions. -pasport to stay in thailand -tax % to my and to comppany -and every information busines and staying in thailand

Tuija H. <>
- Sat Mar 7 10:53:37 EST 1998

I would like website information to look at Pathumtanni Thailand 12130. My church has a missionary there.
Lynn Doles <>
Thailand - Sun Mar 8 01:44:51 EST 1998

hi my name is samson. i want some info of aids in thailand. thank you.
Samson <>

Tue Mar 10 13:48:42 EST 1998

I am going to visit Thailand in Maj or June thís year and would very much like to get information of low-cost hotels or bungalows and if you can recommend some great things to do, I would love that too.
Johnny Sundberg <>
NYKÖPING, SWEDEN - Tue Mar 10 17:57:01 EST 1998

Ich suche E-mailsfreundschaft weltweit, besonders mit Menschen die fuer Thailand und sonstige Laender Asiens ein Herz haben und schoene Erlebnisse mit einen Brasilianer teilen moechten. Ich finde die Maedchen und Frauen des asiatischen Erdteils sehr attraktiv... Welcher Meinungen sind E-mailfreunde und E-mailfreundinnen weltweit? Ich antworte immer. Mit freundlichen Gruessen aus Brasilien, Guenther Gaulke
Guenther Gaulke <>
VIAMAO, Rio Grande do Sul Brasil/Brazil/Brasilien - Tue Mar 10 22:02:27 EST 1998

PHUKET! Hallo! Ihr solltet mehr ueber meine Lielingsinsel PHUKET berichten. Abgesehen von Patong Beach einfach zauberhaft (Karon + Kata). Uebernachtung im Karon Royal Wing (sehr gut u. guenstig bei MEIERS'. War im Feb. '94 u. Apr. '96 dort. Wenn moeglich mit Singapore Airlines anreisen,und ueber die Fluggesellschaft Stopover in Singapur buchen. Infos: Abs.: Volker Schulte, Fortkamp 3, D - 46238 Bottrop , oder Mail
Volker Schulte <>
Deutschland - Wed Mar 11 00:20:30 EST 1998

zebra dove: please help me as i'm interested in knowing where to buy zebra dove a kind of bird which is famouse in your country and beautiful cages. Thank you.
Richard Lim Yoon Fatt <>
Wed Mar 11 12:45:50 EST 1998

Man sagte mir, dass die Ausreisesteuer von Thailand von 250 Baht auf 500 Baht angehoben worden sei. Stimmt das?
Horst Herrmann <>
Deutschland - Sun Mar 15 02:51:35 EST 1998

Shortly, I will be constructing a link from my website to yours. I have read most of the book by Michael Schultze about Laos (Reise Know-How Verlag Peter Rump, Bielefeld - 1995) and am very impressed to discover how "revolutionary and enlightened Laos" fruitfully combines worldly communism with transcendental Buddhism. So, I am very much interested in your religious sites. I myself am seeking a contemporary application of Buddha's insights relevant to today's world and mind. Therefore, send me information about your temples. As far as I know, in the province of Bokeo there is a famous temple on a mountain top overlooking some very pleasant valleys. Luis Fernandez Vidaud, Wollankstr. 35, D-13359 Berlin, Germany. Thank you!!
Luis Fernandez Vidaud <>
Berlin, Germany - Sun Mar 15 03:08:16 EST 1998

Tomato Crop: Dear Sirs, Advise me about the yield or crop of tomato in Thailand? If you can not imagine, give me where to contact. Regards from Akera Kosakai, Tokyo
Akira Kosakai <>
Tokyo, Japan - Mon Mar 16 12:56:59 EST 1998

i luv visiting thailand in all my holidays. my dad promised me to take me to thailand for my birthday. i am 13 but am turning 14 soon. if n e 1 wants to talk to me, please do write to me. luv romana
romana <>
lennoxville, quebec canada - Mon Mar 16 14:43:41 EST 1998

I have been doing research on the Internet about Thailand for about two months now. It's because we are going to visit Thailand and see all my relatives for the first time in 18 years. I'm very excited about this. By reading and searching through the Internet about Thailand, I was amazed how much it has grown since I had left Bangkok. After went through many of the hotel rates in Bangkok, Thailand, I discovered that it's very high prices through the Internet. If you have any infomation on other hotel rates in Bangkok, please share your information. I'm sure other people would like to know that too. Thank you for the information.
Sunanta <>
Thailand - Mon Mar 16 22:20:11 EST 1998

Please assist! Have friend in Bangkok, Thailand that we have not seen in over 25 years. His name is Golit Shinasiri and the address is 246 M. 6 Salmal Bangkhen, Bangkok 10220. Would you please be so kind as to contact him and give him our site which is in the United States is: I do not know if he has a computer. Thank you for your efforts. :) Jack & Mae
Joyhil <>
Wed Mar 18 00:34:02 EST 1998

Hello! Dear Sir/Madem, I'm planning a trip to Thailand and I like to know where most Hmong live at. So I would like you to send me information and maps of the location if possible. Here is my address: Chor Khang, 1320 James Ave North. Minneapolis, MN 55411-3157 Or you can email me back. Thank you for your time! Sign, Chor Khang
Chor Khang <>
Minneapolis - Wed Mar 18 12:46:05 EST 1998

(locate individuals in thailand) Dear sirs: My wife, a thai national, and I are planning to visit Thailand at the end of June, 98. Is there anyway that we can locate some of her family members using the web. Is there a telephone directory that can be accessed or another form of information base where I can enter an individuals name and find out where they are located. Points of interest are, Khorat and a small town "bunkokesuwa", I,m sure the spelling is wrong on this last town, I tried a phonetic spelling from the way my wife pronounced it. I am gratefull to any assistance provided. My email address is, thank you.
Kenneth Trowbridge <>
Thailand - Wed Mar 18 15:12:31 EST 1998

Hello thanks for your great page. I visited Bangkok and Pattaya last year, and also through fellows at work who love Thailand, it is ever present on my mind. I would very much like to find a gay e mail friend in Bangkok because my experience is that you get to know a foreign culture much better if there is a friend to show you around. For all the beauty of Thailand and its people, there are so many questions open which I would want answered ... Greetings from Cologne, Germany.
Joe Widler <>
Cologne, Germany - Fri Mar 20 17:08:46 EST 1998

Searching Arnold Mazereeuw! Dear miss, sir On behalf of his mother, i am searching for a dutch man called Arnold Mazereeuw. His stepfather is seriously ill and wants to get in contact with him as soon as possible. Arnold Mazereeuw is born in the Netherlands, 30 (31 march 25) years old, 1.80 meters tall, blond. He is on a several months holiday in Asia and withdrew money in march in Chaing Mai, that is why i am looking in Thailand. If you have communicationmeans wich might reach him would you be so kind to adress to Arnold Mazereeuw and request him to call home as soon as possible. If you have suggestions on how to contact him, please send me an e-mail. Thank you very much Dion de Leuw DMJ@WXS.NL
Dion Marjo Jeroen <>
Nederlande - Sun Mar 22 01:42:54 EST 1998

Hi, my name is Joe "the man of thia" Marpasert. What is your name?
Khanxay Phothivongsa <>
- Sun Mar 22 03:08:21 EST 1998

Hallo Leute in Thailand, eure site ist sehr gut gemacht. wie waere es mit ein paar links für andere pattaya-sites? oder wie waere es mit einer eigenen chat-page? sorry, habe noch eine bitte an euch: an der strasse von suedpattaya nach jomtian beach ist das guesthouse chez andry. wenn es möglich ist, besorgt mir bitte die e-mail adresse von andre und sendet sie an vielen dank und viel spass weiterhin bei eurem internetauftritt. chuenkamon.
Bruno Köb <>
Thailand - Sun Mar 22 14:55:17 EST 1998

Ban Tha Kho, Amphoe Muang, Nakhon Phanom Province: I am searching for a long time friend who I spend a year with in 1966-1967. I am not sure what you can do but I believe the above is his address....hopefully so. I spent just a wonderful year with this man (even though it was war time) and would certainly like to contact him after all these years. Any way you can help? Thank you! Nick Hoffman
Nick Hoffman, Director of Golf Operations <>
- Tue Mar 24 12:27:39 EST 1998

Hi! Is there a University in Chiang Mai? Can you tell me about an Agricultural University in Chiang Mai? Does it have a website or do you know how I might contact a director there? I'd appreciate any information you can give me. Terrific website by the way and thanks very much. Liz Kirchner
Brian E. Parr <>
- Content-type: text/plain Wed Mar 25 12:07:27 EST 1998

Hallo, an alle Thailand Freunde. Gut gemachte Seite hier. Wenn Ihr auch weitere INFOs ueber Phuket und Suedthailand haben wollt besucht uns doch mal auf Gruss, waldi und Noi
Waldi Tschinder <>
Munich, Germany - Thu Mar 26 04:42:11 EST 1998

Tai Nuea ethnic in Thailand: Hi, I got the Thailine from a good friend of mine from Washington D.C. I am glad to have seen your articles in regard to information about Thailand Northern Thailand in particular. I am interesting in knowing more about TAINUEA ethnic group in Thailand. I know there are some in Laos. Would you find out where they are in Thailand if there is any. And, could you tell me what country has more Taineua ethnic. Thanks for your many good articles.
KPhas <>
Thailand - Thu Mar 26 14:25:54 EST 1998

I really enjoy reading the information about the Hill trib of thailand. I also love to go there and see them and talk to them in person. I hope they will be able to preserve their languages and cultures but there's one thing I really like to know is that if they presrve their language and their culture they may not be able to learn to adjust to the Lowland culture and they will not be able to work with the lowland people. Therefore; they may have more trouble on the future. I believe the best thing to do for them is to help to move to the city and help educate them to the best that we can so that they can have a better life on the future. P.S There's one more thing I want to know is that how come I can't find the Thai chat channel. I left Thailand for almost ten years already and that I really need to talk to someone in thailand about about many of the things that had happen after I left the count. Bye Thai people.
Cher Yang <>
Fresno, California United States - Fri Mar 27 18:09:53 EST 1998

I really enjoy reading about the Thai Hill trib. I hope they are happy and well. I really looking forward to be there someday so I can meet them in person.
Cher Yang <>
Fresno, CA U.S - Fri Mar 27 18:15:06 EST 1998

Dear Madam, Sir, I visit your web who is interesting. I am looking for some book or other who talk about antic traditional thai furniture. please let me know about my research, thank. besr regards, Mr. HESSE d'ALZON
Bangkok, Thailand - Sun Mar 29 07:58:52 EST 1998

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EA Cruz <>
San Francisco, California USA - Sun Mar 29 21:26:46 EST 1998

I am searching for my nephew who is Amerasian and was last living in Thailand. He was left at N.K.P. (Nonkomphanom ???spelling) in 1975 I believe. He would be about 27 years old now. His name is Leon and he may go by last name Brown which is his father's last name. His mother's name is Da and she was originally from near Udorn. His father's name was Staff Sgt. Tommy Leon Brown, USAF. I have a great desire to find them. If anyone out there can give me any information it would be greatly appreciated. So far I have had little success in my search but I will not stop until I know where they are. Diana
Diana King <>
Thailand - Mon Mar 30 06:04:56 EST 1998

gut gemacht - weiter so! checkt auch meine site!
Fritz Haeni <>
Zuerich, UBS UBS - Tue Mar 31 01:54:37 EST 1998

schön und sorgfältig gemacht - gefällt mir gut. Weiterhin viel Erfolg.
Michael Heyer <>
Berlin, Berlin Germany - Tue Mar 31 13:06:16 EST 1998

Our family intend to travel to Northern Thailand (June '98) and are seeking any infomation on the region all, URLs greatly appreciated and any special deals. Thank you :-)
John <>
Maffra, Victoria Australia - Wed Apr 1 05:57:07 EST 1998

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