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Dear Sir's! I have a question. It is possible to travel to Myanmar from Mai Sai by a personal car or a rental car with Thai number? Many thanks for ansering. Bernd Kosellek
Bernd Kosellek <>
Thailand - Fri Jul 10 16:52:18 EDT 1998

Hi! I just visited your home page. It's very nice ! Thank.
Peter M. <>
Thailand - Sat Jul 11 04:04:50 EDT 1998

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, ich werde Ende Juli - Mitte August eine Thailand-Rundreise (in den Süden: Ko Phangan, Ko Samui, Khao Sok Nationalpark) machen. Bitte informieren Sie mich über nötige Gesundheitsvorsorge (Malaria, Heptatis etc.). Es handelt sich dabei um eine Individualreise mit einfachen Übernachtungen. Herzlichen Dank für Ihre Hilfe. MfG, Heike Neumann
Hewlett-Packard GmbH, Germany - Sat Jul 11 12:03:58 EDT 1998

Hello from Germany. Hello my Thai friends. I am an 24 jears old Boy, from Witten and I want to send greatings to all Thai people. I am very happy when i become contact whith some people from Thailand. Whith very much greeting´s from Germany!!!!
Boy from Germany <>
Witten, USA - Sun Jul 12 03:10:35 EDT 1998

I'm looking for a source of information that I could contact concerning Bun Ban Fai "Festival of Rockets" Did you go? If you did please e-mail me I'm doing a research paper on the event and I'm having trouble putting a paper together on the event. Thanks
Scott <>
Philadelphia, PA USA - Sun Jul 12 20:36:44 EDT 1998

We liked the information but we were sad because we could not find information about your famous massage. Please if anyone of you who read this comments can help with information on thai massage we appreciate. We need books or videos, new or used ones. You will receive a picture of a old masseur before the time of the incas and also we can send you handicrafts from Peru. Thank you. Jose Vertiz Peruvian Society of Scientific Massage
Peruvian Society of Scientific Massage <>
Lima, Lima Peru - South America - Mon Jul 13 13:30:53 EDT 1998

Hi, The reason I was looking into your country was to find out more about your religious beliefs, and so far I haven't seen anything. Could you write back and explain some of them or all of them. Thank you, Donna
Donna Verhoff <>
Monett, , Missouri Thailand - Tue Jul 14 00:24:15 EDT 1998

War schon mal jemand auf Phi Phi Island im August ? Wir wollen dieses Jahr evtl. hin , überlegen jedoch wegen des Wetters (NW-Monsun) Ich wäre über jede Information dankbar!
Dorothee <>
Deutschland Thailand - Wed Jul 15 07:06:09 EDT 1998

Hello sawadi kap. I want to no if it's posible, in Phuket near the patong beach the best massage & parlor adress . greetings rudy.
ruud korpel <>
Delft, ZH holland -  Wed Jul 15 07:13:10 EDT 1998

Asiatische Kunst

Guten Tag! Die Park Galerie in Frauenfeld/Thurgau, Thundorfestrasse 25 (hinter dem Marktplatz) zeigt ab Samstag, 18. Juli bis 16. August, Aquarellbilder mit asiatischen Motiven von Suman Brenner. Die Vernissage findet Samstagabend, 18. Juli, 19.30 Uhr, statt. Interessierte sind herzlich eingeladen. Mit freundlichen Grüssen, Park Galerie Frauenfeld
amherd <>
Switzerland - Thu Jul 16 06:10:26 EDT 1998

plane thailand reise 1. region chiangmai/ chiang rai ca 5 tage 2 koh samui 3. bangkok alles ca 14 tage -- gibt es dafür sinnvolle alternativen ? mfg
klaus-helmut jelinek <khjelinek@t-online>
Thailand - Fri Jul 17 16:18:40 EDT 1998

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