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We carry books about the following Asian areas and subjects: New and out-of-print books and also old maps and prints (16th to 19th century): Asia general, Burma, Vietnam, Yunnan, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, India, Northeast India, Central Asia (defined as areas along the silk routes), Himalayas; Natural History: Flora and Fauna, Ecology, Performing Arts, Textiles, Religion and Philosophy, Ceramics, Linguistics.

This web page lists only a small part of our stock. Please ask for further information or for our printed catalogue!

NEW: Doras-Delta: research report no. 6. Study on the Thai heartland and the changes in the land system and ownership

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To order:

  1. Send an e-mail to reserve your copy/ies to ande@loxinfo.co.th and inform us about your mailing preference; we can inform you only if you specify how many books you wish to order. Inquiries for ways of paying by credit card should be send to the same address or to fax number 66 2 741 6287 or 66 2 741 6607.
    Inquiries for bulk orders and trade terms are welcome.
    Or call 66 2 332 4915 or 66 2 741 6288-9 at our Bangkok Office.
  2. As soon as we inform you of the total amount due, send a cheque drawn on a US bank, a bank draft or an international postal money order made out to "White Lotus Co. Ltd." to our mailing address.
    Our mailing address is: G.P.O. Box 1141, Bangkok 10501, Thailand
    You are welcome at our showroom and office: 11/2 Soi 58 Sukhumvit Road,
    Bangkok 10250.



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